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Opal Blue Globe

Opal Blue Globe


Handcrafted vase adorned with 23k Italian gold leaf; approximately 5" round. Carefully produced in Seattle, Washington, each globe is one of a kind due to the unique patterning of gold, and the wisps of white line work.

Globes are confident enough to be a beautiful stand alone piece for the perfect spot in your home, or can create a dramatic presence by grouping multiple colors and forms together from our entire collection. See all available product on our website, or contact for inquires about custom orders or questions. 


Each item is custom made by freehand glassblowing, without the use of molds. Due to the handmade nature of the object, there may be slight variances. Some globes may have differently patterned gold, and line patterning may vary. The images shown are examples of the type of globe you are ordering. Please email with questions if needed.

While we try to keep inventory of each item listed, it is possible a certain style may be currently out of stock. In these cases, you will be contact shortly after your order, and please allow up to 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

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